Gree Floor Standing 7.5 Ton LF28WPd/Na-M Air Conditioner

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Capacity: Floor Standing Type (90000 BTU)7.5 TON

  • Comfortable Sleeping Modes
  • Cold Air Prevention
  • 3D Air Flow
  • Fresh Air Supply Ventilation
  • Overlong Distance Air Flow
  • Timer
  • Self-Diagnosis
  • Lock
  • Auto Restart
  • LED Display
  • Clock Display
  • Auto Clean
  • Automatic Operation
  • Intelligent Defrosting
  • Auxiliary Heating



Gree Floor Standing 7.5 Ton LF28WPd/Na-M Air Conditioner sequence are powerful units with a strong potential in cooling, warming and speed of flow, ideal for commercial places with increased demand in air training, such as office places, single space rooms, etc. They integrate an electrical powered heater, attaining excess potential of 2,1 to 2,8 kW, for a efficient support in low temperature function, and an R410a search air compressor for low disturbance and efficient long lifespan.

Gree Floor Standing 7.5 Ton LF28WPd/Na-M Air Conditioner include both a remote operator and an integrated operator on the inside device body, allowing easy control of the various functions available, like clock, vertical and horizontally power louver and many more. Moreover the device is provided with self analysis, as well as a brilliant thaw system which allows efficient warming potential during tough conditions.


Detail Specification of Gree Floor Standing 7.5 Ton LF28WPd/Na-M Air Conditioner

Technical Detail specifications: Gree Floor Standing 7.5 Ton LF28WPd/Na-M AC
Model Number: (International)
Air Conditioner Type
Energy Efficiency
3 Star Rating
Capacity of COOLING
96000 Btu/Hr
Airflow Rate
4000 m3/h
Input Watt
Refrigerant Type
Noise Calculations (dB)
Indoor Unit
≤ 64
Outdoor unit
≤ 70
Total Weight           Net/Gross (Kg)
Indoor Unit
150 kg
Outdoor Unit
230 Kg
Packing Dimensions    L X W X H (mm)
Indoor unit
580/1850/390 mm
Outdoor Unit
1032/1250/412 mm
Others Features
Auto Off/On Timer,
Dry Mode, Auto Fan Speed, 
Auto Swing, Auto Mode, 
Auto Restart

Warranty & Service

Compressor: 05 (Five) Years
Spare Parts: 01 (One) Year
After Sales Service: 01 (One) Year

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