TESY BiLight 30L Horizontal Water Heater

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Blight family is a wide range of elegant electric water Heaters providing hot water to several points of use at a time.

EMIs from : 486.11/month

TESY BiLight 30L is only available in Shamim Electronics . This water heater is an unvented electric water heater that offers a number of features that make it a good choice for small households. It has a storage capacity of 30 liters, which is enough hot water for two people to take a shower at the same time. The water heater is also equipped with a number of energy-saving features, such as a thermostatic control and a frost protection system.

Insutech, Eco mode, Adjustable Thermoregulatore, No thermal Bridge, Piston effect, Crystaltech, Plasma Welding, Copper heating element, Easy Installation, Hygiene Certificate.

It is a compact and affordable electric water heater that is perfect for small households.

PISTON EFFECT for control of the speed of incoming water and increase of the hot water amount with up to 15%
INSUTECH ? an in-house TESY technology for highly efficient insulation and extremely low heat losses
BiLight indication for easy and fast recognition of the work modes
Electric on/off switch
Freeze protection
Glass-ceramic coating for corrosion protection
Plasma-arc welding of the water tank for extended useful life
No THERMAL BRIDGE ? up to 16% lower electricity costs due to this innovative technology

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