Hitachi Stylish Line Refrigerator | 375L | R-V420P8PB


  • Gross capacity: 375 L
  • Net capacity: 340 L
  • Eco-thermo sensor
  • Dual fan cooling


  • Compressor:?10 Years
  • Electrical Spare Parts: 1 Years
  • Service: 2 Years
  • EMIs From: 2,569.44


    Months Bank Monthly Emi convenience Fee Total
    3 Standard Chartered Bank (5.67%) 32,581.58 5,244.75 97,744.75
    For All Bank (5.13%) 32,415.08 4,745.25 97,245.25
    6 Standard Chartered Bank (7.86%) 16,628.42 7,270.50 99,770.50
    For All Bank (6.75%) 16,457.29 6,243.75 98,743.75
    9 Standard Chartered Bank (10.74%) 11,381.61 9,934.50 102,434.50
    For All Bank (8.99%) 11,201.75 8,315.75 100,815.75
    12 Standard Chartered Bank (13.77%) 8,769.77 12,737.25 105,237.25
    For All Bank (11.33%) 8,581.69 10,480.25 102,980.25
    18 Standard Chartered Bank (17.65%) 6,045.90 16,326.25 108,826.25
    For All Bank (15.03%) 5,911.26 13,902.75 106,402.75
    24 Standard Chartered Bank (23.25%) 4,750.26 21,506.25 114,006.25
    For All Bank (20.38%) 4,639.65 18,851.50 111,351.50
    30 Standard Chartered Bank (-) - - -
    For All Bank (21.8%) 37,555.00 20,165.00 112,665.00
    36 Standard Chartered Bank (31.07%) 3,367.77 28,739.75 121,239.75
    For All Bank (26.26%) 3,244.18 24,290.50 116,790.50
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Where Art Meets Appetite Hitachi Stylish Line Refrigerator:

Imagine a refrigerator that doesn’t just store your food, but elevates it to a masterpiece Hitachi Stylish Line Refrigerator. Step into a world where sleek lines and shimmering surfaces meet cutting-edge technology, offering both unparalleled style and the freshest, most vibrant ingredients. Welcome to the Hitachi Stylish Line Refrigerator R-V420P8PB, a 375-liter masterpiece ready to grace your kitchen.

Hitachi Stylish Line Refrigerator

Hitachi Stylish Line Refrigerator

A Design to Swoon Over Hitachi Stylish Line Refrigerator:

  • Brilliant Black Canvas: Witness the bold elegance of the Brilliant Black finish, reflecting your kitchen with a touch of modern luxury. This isn’t just a refrigerator; it’s a statement piece, adding sophistication to your culinary domain.
  • Tempered Glass Symphony: Each shelf shines like a polished note, crafted from scratch-resistant and spill-proof tempered glass. These aren’t just storage platforms; they’re a testament to refined craftsmanship and effortless cleaning.
  • Hidden Harmony: Integrated handles blend seamlessly into the design, maintaining the refrigerator’s clean lines and preventing any unwanted bumps or snags. It’s a symphony of form and function, where every detail whispers luxury.

Freshness Composed with Precision Hitachi Stylish Line Refrigerator:

  • Inverter’s Gentle Touch: Experience the magic of inverter technology, adjusting cooling power like a virtuoso conductor. It maintains consistent temperatures, preserving the essence of your food while minimizing energy consumption.
  • Dual Fan Cooling’s Duet: No more temperature fluctuations! This dynamic duo keeps both the refrigerator and freezer compartments in perfect harmony, ensuring every ingredient stays fresh and vibrant, from crisp greens to succulent meats.
  • Eco Thermo-Sensors: These watchful guardians strategically placed throughout the refrigerator constantly monitor temperature, sending precise information to the inverter conductor. It’s a constant dialogue, ensuring optimal freshness with minimal energy waste.

A Haven for Delicious Delights Hitachi Stylish Line Refrigerator:

  • Fresh Select Soloist: Let your fruits and vegetables take center stage in this dedicated compartment. Adjustable humidity levels create the perfect melody for their vitality, keeping them crisp and bursting with flavor for longer.
  • Crisper Duet: Two crisper drawers with vacuum seal technology act as airtight cocoons, locking in moisture and preventing spoilage. Imagine crisp lettuce and vibrant herbs, ready to add their zest to your culinary compositions.
  • Nano Deodorization Chorus: Breathe easy with a nano-titanium filter that neutralizes unpleasant odors like a silent maestro. It keeps your fridge smelling fresh and your food tasting its best, ensuring every bite is a harmonious delight.

Convenience Woven into Every Detail Hitachi Stylish Line Refrigerator:

  • Twist & Serve Ice Tray: This movable and removable ice tray allows you to adjust space like a skilled pianist, making ice dispensing effortless and adapting to your storage needs.
  • LED Spotlight: Bright and energy-efficient LED lighting illuminates your groceries beautifully, like a spotlight on the culinary stage. Find what you need with ease, without compromising sustainability.
  • Rear Temperature Control Dial: Adjust settings for both compartments with a simple turn of the intuitive dial. It’s like conducting your own symphony of freshness, making control effortless and intuitive.

The Hitachi Stylish Line Refrigerator R-V420P8PB is more than just a refrigerator; it’s an ode to freshness, style, and convenience. It’s a jewel in your kitchen crown, ready to elevate your culinary creations and keep your ingredients vibrant and delicious.

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Hitachi Stylish Line Refrigerator | 375L | R-V420P8PB

Original price was: ৳ 99,500.Current price is: ৳ 92,500.

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    Hitachi Stylish Line Refrigerator | 375L | R-V420P8PB

    Original price was: ৳ 99,500.Current price is: ৳ 92,500.

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