Midea D30 15VH Water Heater-Geyser (30 liters)

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Overheat Protection
Capacity: 30L
Anti-dry heating protection
Sapphire Enamel Inner Tank
Multiplayer Insulation
Glass Fiber Silicon Wires

EMIs from : 319.44/month

First of all, the Midea Water Heater 30L range is designed to offer standard home shower comfort. Moreover, it is user-friendly and safe for the entire family. Furthermore, it is sleek, stylish, and space-saving, making it ideal for all bathroom types. In addition, it has the capacity to house up to 30 liters of water, allowing you to enjoy a nice shower without having to wait for the water to heat up every time. Additionally, Best Electronics is the authorized distributor of Midea in Bangladesh. Shamim Electronics

Midea Water Heater 30L
Midea Water Heater 30L

Moreover, the Midea brand’s automatic electric water heater is designed and fabricated for both domestic and commercial installations. Additionally, it consumes low power, making it an energy-efficient option. Furthermore, it can be installed on the wall, floor, or false ceilings, providing flexibility in installation. Also, while installing, make sure that the heater is fixed secured to the bolts with the air vent in the top position. Lastly, some features of Midea heater include:

Energy Saving Technology of Midea Water Heater 30L:

  • Overall Polyurethane Foam
  • 60% Energy Saving
  • Keep Water Warm for 24 hours


Internal Mechanism

Sapphire Enamel Inner Tank

Midea water heater is manufactured by using advanced wet method enamel technique, antitrust, corrosion-proof, incrustation-resistance, leak-prevention, with longer lifetime.

High-density polyurethane foam insulation of Midea Water Heater 30L:

It gives good thermal insulation effect, better tank protection and energy saving.

Copper Heating Element

Anti scale copper surface gives energy saving, safe and longer life

Glass Fiber Silicone Wire

Internal Wires sealed with silicon rubber coating fiberglass cloth is ensure water proof, anti-aging, high temperature, safe and longer lifetime.


Installation advantage:

  • Horizontal & Wall Hang.
  • With additional stand, can be set on horizontally on floor.
  • Diameter 15 Inch, which is perfect for fall Ceiling.
  • Additional drainage line.
  • In Bangladesh Midea  product is imported by CBU (Completely Built UP) product which guarantees world-class quality.

Shamim Electronics is the Authorized Distributor of Midea in Bangladesh. So get this amazing Midea Water Heater now from Shamim Electronics and enjoy amazing discounts and extended warranty features.


  • Brand: Midea
  • Model: D30 15VH
  • Type: Horizontal
  • Capacity: 30 Liters
  • Power Consumption: 1500 Watt
  • Energy Saving: 60%

Warranty & Services

Warranty: 3 years copper coil

5 years body guarantee

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