KONKA KDF-200 GB Chest Freezer 200 LTR


  • Total Storage Capacity (L): 200
  • Refrigerant: R600a
  • Freezer Compartment Temperature: -18?C to -24?C
  • Cooling Type: Direct Cooling
  • EMIs From: 833.33


    MonthsBankMonthly Emiconvenience FeeTotal
    3Standard Chartered Bank (5.67%)10,567.001,701.0031,701.00
    For All Bank (5.13%)10,513.001,539.0031,539.00
    6Standard Chartered Bank (7.86%)5,393.002,358.0032,358.00
    For All Bank (6.75%)5,337.502,025.0032,025.00
    9Standard Chartered Bank (10.74%)3,691.333,222.0033,222.00
    For All Bank (8.99%)3,633.002,697.0032,697.00
    12Standard Chartered Bank (13.77%)2,844.254,131.0034,131.00
    For All Bank (11.33%)2,783.253,399.0033,399.00
    18Standard Chartered Bank (17.65%)1,960.835,295.0035,295.00
    For All Bank (15.03%)1,917.174,509.0034,509.00
    24Standard Chartered Bank (23.25%)1,540.636,975.0036,975.00
    For All Bank (20.38%)1,504.756,114.0036,114.00
    30Standard Chartered Bank (-)---
    For All Bank (21.8%)12,180.006,540.0036,540.00
    36Standard Chartered Bank (31.07%)1,092.259,321.0039,321.00
    For All Bank (26.26%)1,052.177,878.0037,878.00
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Original price was: ৳ 34,725.Current price is: ৳ 30,000.

The mighty KONKA KDF-200 GB Chest Freezer 200 LTR  isn’t just a freezer, it’s a portal to a world of perfectly preserved culinary delights. With its spacious 200-liter interior and a treasure trove of convenient features, it’s ready to become the frozen food hero of your kitchen. So, buckle up and prepare to embark on a deep dive into the icy depths of this freezer powerhouse!

Capacity fit for a feast KONKA KDF-200 GB:

Imagine a world where frozen pizzas, ice cream tubs, and mountains of meat don’t have to fight for space. The KDF-200 GB conjures that reality with its generous 200-liter capacity. Picture it:

  • Stacking enough frozen treats to satisfy a summer party’s worth of ice cream cravings.
  • Stockpiling bags of frozen veggies for healthy meal prep sessions all month long.
  • Storing away a bounty of meat from that epic Costco run, ready for future culinary adventures.

The possibilities are as endless as the frozen tundra itself!

Triple Threat Functionality KONKA KDF-200 GB:

This isn’t just your average freezer, it’s a multi-talented champion. The KDF-200 GB boasts three distinct temperature modes:

  • Freezer Mode: The classic deep freeze setting, chilling your food to a teeth-chattering -18°C to -24°C, ensuring perfect preservation for long-term storage.
  • Refrigerator Mode: Need some extra fridge space for that week’s groceries? Simply switch to this mode and enjoy a cool 0°C to 5°C environment, perfect for keeping your fresh produce crisp and beverages refreshingly chilled.
  • Quick Freeze Mode: Got a fresh haul from the market that needs to be frozen fast? Activate this mode for a rapid temperature drop, locking in freshness and nutrients before they can escape.

With this freezer, you’re not just storing food, you’re taking control of its destiny!

Convenience Reigns Supreme KONKA KDF-200 GB:

The KDF-200 GB isn’t just about brute storage power, it’s also designed for effortless use. Let’s explore its convenience features:

  • Wide Voltage Range (125V~265V): No matter where you wander in the world, this freezer adapts to your local power grid, making it a globetrotting champion of frozen goodness.
  • Supreme Freezing Capacity: Blast-freeze your food in record time, ensuring optimal preservation and locking in that restaurant-quality texture.
  • BSTI 5 Star Energy Rating: Save money on your electricity bills while keeping your food perfectly chilled. This freezer is an eco-conscious champion!
  • Stylist Interior Decoration with LED Lighting: Forget the harsh glare of old-school freezers. This one boasts a sleek LED lighting system that illuminates your frozen treasures with a soft, cool glow.
  • Real Tempered Glass Door: Durable and easy to clean, this sturdy door lets you peek at your frozen bounty without sacrificing style.
  • European Standard Anti-Fungal Door Gasket: Say goodbye to funky freezer smells and unwelcome mold! This advanced gasket keeps your freezer hygienically fresh.

Aesthetics with an Edge KONKA KDF-200 GB:

The KDF-200 GB isn’t just functional, it’s also a looker. Available in three stunning colors – Brown, Red, and Blue – it adds a pop of personality to your kitchen. Choose the hue that matches your decor and let your freezer become a conversation starter.

The Verdict:

The KONKA Chest Freezer 200 LTR KDF-200 GB is a force to be reckoned with in the frozen food realm. Its spacious interior, versatile functionality, and convenient features make it a dream come true for anyone who appreciates frozen food mastery. Whether you’re a family stocking up for the week, a party planner prepping for the ultimate bash, or simply a frozen food enthusiast, this freezer is ready to be your culinary partner in crime. So, dive into the icy depths of the KDF-200 GB and unlock a world of frozen possibilities!

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KDF 200 GB

KONKA KDF-200 GB Chest Freezer 200 LTR

Original price was: ৳ 34,725.Current price is: ৳ 30,000.

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    KDF 200 GB

    KONKA KDF-200 GB Chest Freezer 200 LTR

    Original price was: ৳ 34,725.Current price is: ৳ 30,000.

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