Gree Split type Air condition 1.5 Ton Non Inverter(GS-18Xmu)

The Gree GS-18Xmu is a budget-friendly, 1.5-ton non-inverter AC ideal for smaller rooms (120-180 sq. ft.). It cools efficiently with basic features like remote control, multiple fan speeds, and potentially sleep mode and auto-restart. However, it may not be as energy-saving or quiet as inverter models, and lacks confirmed details on noise level and efficiency. Consider researching further for specifics before buying.

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Original price was: ৳ 67,990.Current price is: ৳ 57,999.

Introduction 1.5 Ton Non Inverter:

The 1.5 Ton Non Inverter Gree Split Type Air Conditioner(GS-18Xmu) is another option for budget-minded cooling. Here’s a breakdown of what we know:

Cooling Capacity: 18,000 BTU (suitable for rooms around 120 to 180 sq. ft.)

Type: Split-system air conditioner with separate indoor and outdoor units.

Compressor: Non-inverter compressor – runs at a constant speed, leading to on/off cycles for temperature control. This can be less energy-efficient compared to inverter models.

1.5 Ton Non Inverter

1.5 Ton Non Inverter

Potential Features (based on available information) 1.5 Ton Non Inverter:

  • Remote control for temperature adjustments, fan speed control, and mode selection.
  • Multiple fan speeds for customized airflow preferences.
  • User-friendly controls for easy operation.
  • Energy-efficient design (claimed by some retailers, but details on EER rating might be limited).
  • Infra-red technology for precise temperature control (mentioned by some retailers, but specifics unclear).

Possible Benefits 1.5 Ton Non Inverter:

  • Affordable – Non-inverters are generally cheaper than inverter ACs.
  • Efficient cooling – Should cool a small to medium-sized room effectively.


  • Energy Efficiency: Without a confirmed EER rating, efficiency might be lower compared to inverters.
  • Temperature Fluctuations: On/off cycling might cause slight temperature variations.
  • Noise Level: Information on decibel (dB) rating might be limited, so noise level is unclear.

Finding More Details 1.5 Ton Non Inverter:

  • Regional websites: Look for Gree Bangladesh or similar regional distributors for specifications.
  • Retailer websites: Search for the GS-18Xmu model on retailer websites in your area. They often include descriptions and specifications.
  • Manuals: If downloadable online, manuals provide the most comprehensive details like noise level, dimensions, and refrigerant type.

Non-Inverter AC Operation:

  • Constant Speed Compressor: As mentioned before, the GS-18Xmu uses a non-inverter compressor that runs at a fixed speed. This means the unit cools the room to the set temperature and then cycles off until the temperature rises again. This on-and-off cycling can lead to:
    • Less Energy Efficiency: Compared to inverter ACs that adjust speed, non-inverters might use more energy due to the constant cycling.
    • Temperature Fluctuations: The room temperature might fluctuate slightly as the AC turns on and off to maintain the desired setting.

Potential Features (dig deeper with your research):

  • Sleep Mode: This feature might gradually increase the temperature for a comfortable sleeping environment, but confirmation is needed.
  • Auto Restart: The unit might automatically resume operation after a power outage, but check for confirmation.
  • Self-Diagnosis: This feature might help identify potential malfunctions, but again, confirmation is required.
  • Air Filtration: Some retailers might mention air filtration capabilities, but details like filter type might be unavailable. Research online or retailer descriptions for specifics.

Finding More Information:

  • Gree Bangladesh Website: If Gree has a dedicated Bangladesh website, they might have specifications for the GS-18Xmu.
  • Regional Distributor Websites: Search for regional distributors of Gree ACs in your area. They might have the GS-18Xmu listed with detailed information.


Retailer Websites with Manuals:

  • Look for the GS-18Xmu on retailer websites in Dhaka. Some retailers might offer downloadable manuals that provide the most comprehensive details like:
    • Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER): This rating helps determine running costs.
    • Noise Level (dB): This helps assess how noisy the AC unit might be.
    • Dimensions: Knowing the size helps ensure it fits your space.
    • Refrigerant Type: This information is helpful for future maintenance.

Additional Considerations:

  • Warranty: Look for warranty information on the compressor, parts, and labor.
  • Installation: Check if installation costs are included or need to be factored in.
Energy saving Non Inverter
Function Cooling
Capacity BTU/hr 18000
Cooling Power Input (Watt) 1595
Rated Input Power (W) 2200
COP/EER (w/w) 3.30
Power Supply (phase/voltage (V) /frequency (Hz) /current (A) Single/220-240/ 50Hz
Air Circulation (m3/h) 900
Compressor Type Rotary
Refrigerant Type R32
Noise Level (dB) Indoor/Outdoor 40/54
Evaporator Fin Type Golden Fin
Condenser Type copper tube condenser
Maximum Pipe Length 10 F
Turbo Button Yes
Auto Operation Yes
Fan Mode Yes
Auto Restart Yes
Comfort Cooling Yes
Timer Yes
Auto UP-Down Swing Yes
Auto Left-Right Swing No
Display Type LED
Operation/Control Wireless Remote
Child Lock Yes
Indoor (mm) [L×W×H] 1013 × 307 × 221
Outdoor (mm) [L×W×H] 889 ×596× 378
Net Weight (Indoor) (Kg) 13.5 /16.5
Net Weight (Outdoor) (Kg) 42/45

Warrenty & Service

  • Compressor 05 (Five) Years
  • Spare Parts 1 (One) Year
  • After Sales Service 1 (One) Year

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1.5 Ton Non Inverter

Gree Split type Air condition 1.5 Ton Non Inverter(GS-18Xmu)

Original price was: ৳ 67,990.Current price is: ৳ 57,999.

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    1.5 Ton Non Inverter

    Gree Split type Air condition 1.5 Ton Non Inverter(GS-18Xmu)

    Original price was: ৳ 67,990.Current price is: ৳ 57,999.

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