Gree GS-48XTWV32 Inverter 4.0 Ton Cassette type Air Conditioner

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  • Comfortable Sleeping Mode
  • Over long Distance Air Flow
  • Quite a Design
  • Cold Air Prevention
  • 3D Air Flow
  • Timer
  • Auto Restart
  • Healthy Filters
  • Energy Saving
  • Soft Start
  • Intelligent Defrosting
  • Automatic Operation
  • LED Remote Control
  • Compact Design
  • Golden Fin
EMIs from : 5599.72/month

Introduction Gree Cassette Type AC:

Gree Cassette Type AC Inverter 4.0 TON GS-48XTWV32, a powerful and dependable cassette-type air conditioner suitable for various settings such as houses, offices, restaurants, hotels, shops, schools, and hospitals. Shamim Electronics, the official distributor of various household appliances and Gree air conditioners in Bangladesh,

Performance of Gree Cassette Type AC:

Huge spaces? No sweat! Additionally,  4-ton beast GS-48XTWV32 cools them fast & evenly.

Comfy cool in any big room, Furthermore, 4-way airflow spreads the chill with precision

Say goodbye to hot spots, In addition, this 4-ton muscle blasts even cooling everywhere (2-4-way airflow!).

Chill out, even in giant spaces, Moreover, Gree’s GS-48XTWV32 conquers the heat fast with its 4-ton punch.

Big AC, big comfort, Also, GS-48XTWV32 keeps all corners of large rooms pleasantly cool (4-ton power & smart airflow).

Cooling Capability:

Additionally, the 2-4 way air flow system of the Gree GS-48XTWV32 gives users the flexibility to direct the cool air in any direction they need. This ensures that all areas of the room are evenly cooled, creating a comfortable and consistent environment for everyone in the space.

Gree Cassette Type AC
Gree Cassette Type AC

Swing Feature:

In addition to its 4-step swing feature, the Gree GS-48XTWV32 also offers a wide range of air flow options, allowing you to customize the cooling experience to your preference. This makes it an ideal choice for maintaining a comfortable environment in any setting.

Furthermore, the compact size of the Gree GS-48XTWV32 not only makes it easy to install, but also ensures that it doesn’t take up valuable space in your home or office. Its unobtrusive design makes it a seamless addition to any room.

Durable Construction:

Moreover, the durable construction of the Gree GS-48XTWV32 means that you can rely on it for consistent performance and longevity. Its high-quality components and materials make it a smart investment for the future.

Additionally, the low noise level of the Gree GS-48XTWV32 ensures that it won’t disrupt the peace and quiet of your living or working space, allowing you to enjoy the comfort of cool air without any distractions.

Energy Efficiency Rating

Lastly, the high energy efficiency rating of the Gree GS-48XTWV32 not only saves you money on your energy bills, but also reduces your environmental impact. This makes it a responsible choice for both your budget and the planet.


Model Number: (International) GS-48XTWV
Air Conditioner Type Cassette
Control Remote
Capacity of COOLING 48000 BTU
Power Type/Voltage/Phase 230V/50Hz
Input Watt 5100
Country of Origin China
Air Flow (m3/h) 1950
Refrigerant Type R-32A
Function Cooling
Noise Calculations (dB) Indoor Unit ≤ 54
Outdoor unit ≤ 62
Total Weight           Net/Gross (Kg) Indoor Unit 46 kg
Outdoor Unit 123 kg
Dimensions    L X W X H (mm) Indoor unit 840 x 320 x 840 mm
Outdoor Unit 950 x 1240 x 412 mm
Timer Yes

Warranty & Services

  • Compressor: 10  Years
  • Spare Parts: 01 Year
  • After Sales Service: 01  Year

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