Danaaz Freezer DZCF-208-PW 208 Liters – Premium White


  • Capacity: 208 Liters
  • Color: Premium White
  • Energy Saving Refrigerant
  • Glass Top Finish
  • Digital Regulator with Temperature Display


    • Electrical Spare Parts: 2 Years
    • Compressor:?10?Years
    • Free Service: 2 Years
    • Country of Assemble: China
  • EMIs From: 1,083.33


    Months Bank Monthly Emi convenience Fee Total
    3 Standard Chartered Bank (5.67%) 13,737.10 2,211.30 41,211.30
    For All Bank (5.13%) 13,666.90 2,000.70 41,000.70
    6 Standard Chartered Bank (7.86%) 7,010.90 3,065.40 42,065.40
    For All Bank (6.75%) 6,938.75 2,632.50 41,632.50
    9 Standard Chartered Bank (10.74%) 4,798.73 4,188.60 43,188.60
    For All Bank (8.99%) 4,722.90 3,506.10 42,506.10
    12 Standard Chartered Bank (13.77%) 3,697.53 5,370.30 44,370.30
    For All Bank (11.33%) 3,618.23 4,418.70 43,418.70
    18 Standard Chartered Bank (17.65%) 2,549.08 6,883.50 45,883.50
    For All Bank (15.03%) 2,492.32 5,861.70 44,861.70
    24 Standard Chartered Bank (23.25%) 2,002.81 9,067.50 48,067.50
    For All Bank (20.38%) 1,956.18 7,948.20 46,948.20
    30 Standard Chartered Bank (-) - - -
    For All Bank (21.8%) 15,834.00 8,502.00 47,502.00
    36 Standard Chartered Bank (31.07%) 1,419.93 12,117.30 51,117.30
    For All Bank (26.26%) 1,367.82 10,241.40 49,241.40
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Original price was: ৳ 42,900.Current price is: ৳ 39,000.

The Danaaz Freezer DZCF-208-PW isn’t just a freezer; it’s a portal to a frozen food oasis, perfectly preserving your culinary treasures in a sleek and stylish package. With its 208-liter capacity, energy-efficient features, and premium design, it’s ready to become the hero of your kitchen. So, grab your ice cream scoop and prepare to dive into its features:

Danaaz Freezer 98 Litter

Danaaz Freezer DZCF-208

Spacious Sanctuary for Frozen Delights Danaaz Freezer DZCF-208:

Imagine a world where frozen peas never get freezer-burned, pizzas remain perfectly crisp, and ice cream scoops out with dreamy ease. The DZCF-208-PW conjures that reality with its ample 208-liter capacity. Picture this:

  • Stocking up on frozen treats for summer parties, ensuring endless frosty fun under the sun.
  • Prepping frozen veggies for healthy weeknight meals, keeping convenience and nutrition on hand.
  • Storing away meat from that epic butcher haul, ready for future culinary adventures.

This freezer isn’t just about storage; it’s a sanctuary for your frozen delights, ensuring every bite retains its texture and flavor.

Energy Efficiency Champion :

Saving money while keeping your food perfectly chilled? The DZCF-208-PW makes it a reality. Let’s explore its eco-friendly features:

  • Energy-Saving Refrigerant: This advanced refrigerant technology minimizes energy consumption without compromising cooling performance, keeping your electricity bills on the lower side.
  • Adjustable Temperature Control: Find the perfect chill for your frozen goods, optimizing energy usage while ensuring ideal preservation.
  • LED Lighting: Bright and energy-efficient, the LED lighting illuminates the freezer interior without generating excess heat, further reducing energy consumption.

The DZCF-208-PW lets you enjoy frosty goodness while being kind to the planet and your wallet.

Convenience Takes Center Stage Danaaz Freezer DZCF-208:

This freezer isn’t just eco-friendly; it’s designed for effortless use. Let’s explore its convenience features:

  • Removable Wire Basket: Organize your frozen goods with ease, sorting pizzas from ice cream and veggies from meat.
  • Recessed Handle: Sleek and practical, the recessed handle adds a touch of modern style while making it easy to open and close the freezer.
  • Adjustable Feet: Adapt the freezer to your kitchen floor unevenness, ensuring perfect stability and quiet operation.

The DZCF-208-PW makes navigating your frozen wonderland a breeze, keeping convenience firmly on the menu.

Premium Design for the Modern Kitchen:

This freezer isn’t just functional; it’s a visual treat. The premium white finish adds a touch of sleek sophistication to any kitchen. Imagine:

  • The white surface reflecting light, creating a spacious and airy feel in your kitchen.
  • The clean lines and minimalist design blending seamlessly with modern décor.
  • The freezer becoming a conversation starter, showcasing your appreciation for both style and functionality.

The DZCF-208-PW is not just an appliance; it’s a statement piece, elevating your kitchen with its modern charm.

The Frozen Food Oasis Awaits:

The Danaaz DZCF-208-PW is a masterpiece of practicality, efficiency, and style. Its spacious capacity, eco-friendly features, and convenient functionalities make it a dream come true for anyone who appreciates frozen food mastery. Whether you’re a family planning meals for the week, a party planner prepping for the ultimate bash, or simply a frozen food enthusiast, this freezer is ready to be your culinary partner in crime. So, open the doors to a world of frozen possibilities and step into the oasis of the Danaaz DZCF-208-PW.

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Danaaz Freezer 98 Litter

Danaaz Freezer DZCF-208-PW 208 Liters - Premium White

Original price was: ৳ 42,900.Current price is: ৳ 39,000.

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    Danaaz Freezer 98 Litter

    Danaaz Freezer DZCF-208-PW 208 Liters - Premium White

    Original price was: ৳ 42,900.Current price is: ৳ 39,000.

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