Daikin 1.5 Ton Inverter Split Air Conditioner FTKL18TV16TD

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Key Features

  • Power chill operation
  • Coanda airflow
  • Econo mode
  • Indoor unit quite operation
EMIs from : 2775.00/month

Introduction Of This Daikin AC FTKL18TV16TD:

Daikin AC FTKL18TV16TD offers a sleep mode function, as well as a timer function. Moreover, it comes with a remote control for convenient operation. In addition, it has a sleek and modern design that will complement any space. Furthermore, it is energy-efficient, which can help save on electricity costs.

Performance of Daikin AC FTKL18TV16TD:

Additionally, Daikin AC FTKL18TV16TD comes with a fungus or Bacteria Filter. Furthermore, it has a negative air ion deodorizing Filter and Odor removal function. This suggests that you get quicker cooling. In addition, each beat and the region of your area gets comparative cooling. Moreover, it could even start up decreased volts without unfavorable its air compressor. The airflow and air con device is perfect for each length of area.

Energy-Efficient Cooling of Daikin AC FTKL18TV16TD:

Additionally, you are sure to enjoy a very pleasant atmosphere indoors. Moreover, the best Daikin inverter AC price in Bangladesh with its cooling capacity of 1.5 tons is useful for cooling a wide area efficiently. Furthermore, the power chill feature ensures the room temperatures drop at a very quick time to give you instant cooling when you need it. In addition, the ECONO mode limits power consumption without affecting performance.

Daikin AC FTKL18TV16TD
Daikin AC FTKL18TV16TD

Air Flow Feature:

Additionally, the feature comes in handy when the air conditioner is in operation with other appliances at the same time. Furthermore, the 3D Airflow feature ensures uniform distribution of air throughout the room for a perfect user experience. Moreover, the dry mode ensures that humidity levels are always kept in check in your room to provide you with a pleasant atmosphere at home.

Other Efficient Features

Apart from being an efficient performer, the Daikin AC FTKL18TV16TD is an ideal option for your home thanks to its ability to control the level of pollutants in the air. In addition, the PM 0.1 Air purifying Filter and the anti-dust filter ensure minimum dust, airborne contaminants, and allergens are present in your home. Furthermore, they help you get clean airflow throughout your home, making it the perfect option for you.

Power Chill Operation 

Additionally, Power Chill Operation should only be utilized for a short duration, typically 30 minutes, to prevent the compressor from overheating.

Coanda Airflow

Additionally, Daikin’s Coanda Airflow technology utilizes this effect to create a more comfortable indoor environment. Moreover, it ensures that the air is circulated evenly throughout the room, resulting in a more consistent temperature. Furthermore, this technology also helps to reduce energy consumption by maximizing the efficiency of air distribution.

Econo Mode

Additionally, Daikin’s Econo Mode is a great option for those looking to conserve energy. Furthermore, it limits the compressor output to 70% of its full capacity, resulting in a slightly slower cooling or heating rate. As a result, it can save up to 20% on energy costs.

Indoor Unit Quiet operation

Daikin’s Indoor Unit Quiet Operation is a feature that reduces the noise level of the indoor unit. It does this by slowing down the fan speed and compressor output. This results in a slightly slower cooling or heating rate, but it is much quieter, making it ideal for use in bedrooms, offices, and other rooms where noise is a concern.


Dimensions (mm) Dimensions 310x1100x239 (HxWxD) (Indoor unit)
Dimensions 595x845x300 (HxWxD) (outdoor unit)
Power Power Supply (220-240V)
Others Features Energy Saving during standby operation, 3-D airflow, Auto fan speed, ECONO mode, Indoor unit ON/OFF switch, PAM Control, Vertical Auto Swing ( Up & Down ), Horizontal Auto Swing ( Left & Right ) , R/C With Back Light
COP 3.03
EER 10.345
Refrigerant R32
Cooling capacity Rated Full/Half (min.~max.) 18000 (5800~18800)
Indoor Operation Sound (dBA) 45/40/35/–

Warranty & Services

  • Compressor 5 Years
  • Spare Parts 1 Year
  • Service 1 Year

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