Haier 2.0 Ton Non-Inverter Turbo Cool AC

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  • 1 Minute Instant Chill
  • 54°C Cooling Quality Filter
  • 100% Grooved Copper
  • Super Anti Corrossion
EMIs from : 1638.61/month

Furthermore, Shamim Electronics is the only place where you can get this fantastic Haier TurboCool. Additionally, we offer an official warranty and extremely reasonable pricing on all Haier home appliance models. Additionally, read the AC’s description that follows.

Experience Unrivaled Cooling of Haier TurboCool:

First and foremost, use the 2.0 Ton Non-Inverter TurboCool AC to combat the heat and enjoy unmatched cooling. It also has a strong and effective air conditioning system that  made to offer outstanding comfort in the hottest weather.

Powerful Cooling for Instant Relief Haier TurboCool:

The 2.0 Ton Non-Inverter TurboCool AC features a strong compressor and cutting-edge cooling technology to provide quick and effective cooling. Consequently, it quickly and efficiently reduces the temperature in your room. Bid farewell to hot summer days and relish the cool relief you so richly deserve.

Efficient Operation for Reduced Energy Costs of Haier TurboCool

Furthermore, the TurboCool AC’s cutting-edge technology enables excellent cooling without using an excessive amount of energy. Its energy-saving qualities further enhanced clever features. As a result, it’s a great option for people who want to lessen their environmental effect.

Haier TurboCool
Haier TurboCool

Durable Construction for Long-Lasting Performance

Furthermore, the 2.0 Ton Non-Inverter Haier TurboCool AC made to endure a lifetime because to its durable construction and use of premium materials. Its sturdy design also guarantees that it can withstand daily use’s demands and offer years of dependable cooling comfort.

Hassle-Free Maintenance for Easy Care

In addition, the manual’s clear instructions guarantee seamless operation, and the AC’s user-friendly control panel makes setting adjustments straightforward. The energy-efficient characteristics of the AC also lower electricity bills, which makes it an affordable option for cooling your area.

Upgraded Comfort with Additional Features

A dehumidification feature also included with the 2.0 Ton Non-Inverter TurboCool AC, which helps remove excess moisture from the air to produce a more comfortable indoor atmosphere. Additionally, the AC unit has a sleep mode that lets you have a good night’s sleep without interruptions. Additionally, the TurboCool AC features an energy-saving mode that lowers electricity usage and lowers utility costs.

Embrace a Cooler, More Comfortable Home

Purchase a 2.0 Ton Non-Inverter TurboCool AC to see the impact that strong, effective cooling can have on your house. Furthermore, improve your comfort level right now to minimize your environmental effect and experience the coolness you deserve.


  • Capacity(BTU):
  • Power input (W):
  • EER:
  • Running Current (A):
  • Power Supply (Phase, Voltage Range, Frequency):
  • Air Circulation (m3/h):
  • Refrigerant Type:
  • ID Package dimension mm (W/D/H):
  • ID Gross weight (kg):
  • ID Sound power level [dB(A)] (Hi/Mid/Low):
  • OD Package dimension mm (W/D/H):
  • OD Gross weight (kg):
  • OD Sound power level [dB(A)]:

Warranty & Services

  • Compressor: 5 Years
  • Parts and Service: 1 Year

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